Powerful reporting tool.


  • Multiple aggregators with different aggregate functions
  • Sort and name the dimension axis
  • Sort columns
  • Lock left axis columns or not
  • Group aggregated rows/cols and expand or collapse the groups
  • Summarize group rows and group columns
  • Grand total for rows and columns
  • Supported aggregation functions: sum, avg, min, max, count and group% (calculates the percentage from the group total)
  • Excel export plugin
  • Working with Extjs 4.1.x and 4.2.x framework

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Patrick Vandersluis, PhD

HealthRx Corporation

Our company has been developing complex software for over two decades and had the opportunity to evaluate many third party products. I can sincerely say that mzSolutions is the most responsive vendor we have ever worked with. In using their outstanding product mzPivotGrid, we have found the developers to be very attentive to our specific use case for the module and they have incorporated features to meet our needs nearly immediately. We are a team of very experienced developers and were delighted to find the code for mzPivotGrid to be extremely well designed and implemented, therefore very easy to extend to our needs. If you are in the ExtJS development family and want to let your users develop reports from your data, you will find this to be a tool you can’t be without. MzSolutions has shown a commitment to keep the product completely in tune with the latest release of ExtJS.

Renato Weiner


mzPivotGrid opened lots of new possibilities to build more comprehensive interfaces for our BI systems. We also recommend it because of the awesome technical support.

Luciano Reis

VS Sistemas

MzPivotGrid is the best tool to use in PivotTable and OLAP application!! Ability to provide information to our customers with its beauty and functionality as well . In addition, MzPivotGrid has an efficient support and it's ready to attend new features. This is a great tool. I recommend!

Tushar Dighe

ICT Enterprise Reporting Lead, United Nations Office for Project Services

Putting together multi-dimensional data and creating cubes and other database-side stuff is easy enough. The real problem we had was to provide users with a good way of exploring the dataset. After a lot of searching, mzPivotGrid provided us with the perfect solution. We have found the control to be perfect as a browser-based user control to expose our multi-dimensional data. The control is well-designed and works with ExtJS as if it was a native control making very good use of Ext’s model and store classes. The API is great as well, providing control at the right level. And to top it all is the great personalized support and updates demonstrating a real commitment for the product. I fully recommend this product.

(Note: This endorsement has been provided in the personal capacity of the individual and does not constitute an endorsement of any kind by the United Nations Office for Project Services or any other United Nations body.)